Certified Foreign National Employment Specialist

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Martins I. Imudia, PhD
Martins I. Imudia, PhD

This advanced course examines the process by which a United States employer may recruit a foreign national on a permanent basis through employment sponsorship. The section analyses the legal process and eligibility requirements applicable to both the employer and the foreign national. It addresses the concept of labor certification and PERM, Form I-140, and adjustment status based on employment sponsorship. It also teaches the basic framework for franchising and immigration. Students will learn the visa options available for a franchisee or a franchisor.

In addition, they will learn the legal framework to enable foreign nationals find the best franchise investment that will allow them to invest in the United States and obtain an investor visa. The student will become familiar with the concept of franchising and how it is used in immigration law, address the type of investment that qualifies based on immigrants ‘profile, and explain the process of finding and buying a franchise for immigration purposes. This course will also cover the concept of franchise agreements and the related federal and state regulatory compliance.

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